General Information


General Information

Submitting Your Artwork

We are able to create your artwork for you. When you place your order, we will take notes regarding your desired artwork and create a design for you to review and recommended moving company. Artwork creation time depends on our current workload but is generally between 3 and 7 days.

If you have created your own artwork, please submit an EPS, Adobe Illustrator, or PDF vector file with all fonts converted to outlines. If you are unable to provide vector artwork, a high resolution file in the correct size for your item should be sufficient.

Once we receive or create your artwork, we will provide a proof for your approval. Once we receive your approval via fax or email, we will enter your order into production. Changes after this point will incur additional charges.

We recommend this process to ensure the best quality images and the capability for making inexpensive changes to your documents.

  • Please use one of the following software programs: Photoshop CS5 or Illustrator CS5. Earlier versions of these programs are also acceptable. PC versions of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Gerber Graphix Advantage 6.2 are also acceptable. Alternative software programs may require additional time and expense to transfer. Please call our Art Director for additional information.
  • Your disks must contain all necessary fonts -- both screen and printer. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files must also be provided for photos or logos.
  • For full color art CMYK resolution must be 2x the line count at 100%. For example, if you want your work priinted at 55 lines, you must submit work at 110 lines.
  • Please provide a printed proof with your disks. A B/W proof is acceptable for 1-color jobs. All other multicolor jobs require a color printed proof. Colors should be indicated by Pantone numbers. Mark your proofs "CMYK" if the job is full-color.
  • When adiditional artwork charges are required, we will contact you for approval of these estimated charges before beginning work.

Camera Ready Mechanicals

  • For 1-color printing, we can accept a B/W PMT of the design with crop marks indicated.
  • For 2 or more colors, we require B/W PMTs of separated colors with any necessary trapping, registration, and crop marks.

Film Separations

  • Films must be prepared at 100% of the full size. If a sign is double-faced-two sets of film are required.
  • Please submit only positive films, right reading, with emulsion down (not negatives). Include proper registration and crop marks. For color indentification, please label each film with the proper Pantone number.
  • Include with your order a hard copy B/W proof for each spot color or color copy for 4-color process.

For additional artwork information, please call 419-241-9347 and ask for the Graphic Artist.